“Música Portuguesa nos Conservatórios” | 3rd edition

February 28th 2023 to March 3rd 2023 – Viseu, Aveiro, Fátima

The project “Música Portuguesa nos Conservatórios” consists in the realization of commented concerts of Portuguese music in the conservatories. In this 3rd edition will be presented José Vianna da Motta’s piano works in three moments:

  • February 28th, 17h30 – Conservatório Regional de Música de Viseu Dr. José de Azeredo Perdigão
    Rua dos Olivais
    3500-164 Viseu, Portugal
  • March 1st, 17h05 – Escola Artística do Conservatório de Música Calouste Gulbenkian de Aveiro
    Av. Artur Ravara
    3810-096 Aveiro, Portugal
  • March 3rd, 21h00 – Conservatório de Fátima
    Av. Beato Nuno 208
    2495-401 Fátima, Portugal

This project is sponsored by AvA Musical Editions.

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