Concert at the Centro Cultural de Belém

November 10th 2023, 21h00 – Centro Cultural de Belém

Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisbon, Portugal

Romantic Florilegium

Vianna da Motta – Fantaisie brillante on the opera “Il Guarany” by Carlos Gomes, op. 34
Frédéric Chopin – Fantaisie-impromptu, op. 66
Vianna da Motta – Praia das Conchas, Counterdances Quadrille, op. 22
Vianna da Motta – O Dia 20 de Maio, Waltzes Quadrille, op. 44
Frédéric Chopin – Waltz op. 64 n.º 2
Vianna da Motta – Resignação, Melody for the left hand op. 39
Vianna da Motta – Rondino, op. 52
António Fragoso – Nocturne in D flat major
Joly Braga Santos – Variations
Vianna da Motta – Variations on an original theme, op. 47

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Concert at the Palácio Nacional da Ajuda

November 11th 2023, 15h30 – Palácio Nacional da Ajuda D. Luís’s Hall

Largo da Ajuda
1349-021 Lisbon, Portugal

Discovering Vianna da Motta

Fantaisie brillante on the opera “Il Guarany” by Carlos Gomes, op. 34
First Musical Inspiration
Gratidão, Waltz s/op.
Triunfo e Glória, Great March s/op.
Um Passeio Militar, Great March op. 26
Victória!!, March op. 23
Praia das Conchas, Counterdances Quadrille op. 22
O Dia 20 de Maio, Waltzes Quadrille op. 44


The Jockey Club, Caprice op. 32
Gaieté, Gallop op. 35
Resignação, Melody for the left hand op. 39
Rondino, op. 52
Variations on an original theme, op. 46

Organization: Grupo dos Amigos do Palácio Nacional da Ajuda
Sponsor: Palácio Nacional da Ajuda

Mission at the Maison du Portugal – André de Gouveia

As of today, I’m taking on the role of Director of the Maison du Portugal at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, responsible for welcoming and supporting around 170 students, as well as programming the Salle Pessoa, a privileged showcase for Portuguese and Portuguese-speaking cultures in Paris. I embrace this mission with determination, a sense of responsibility and humility, given the importance of the duties entrusted to me and the awareness that the road ahead will be a long one. I succeed Ana Paixão who, over the last twelve years, has done an exemplary job in making the Maison du Portugal a place of scientific, cultural and artistic conviviality, a place of dialogue and tolerance, faithful to the founding ideals of this unique campus.

Inaugurated in 1967 by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Maison du Portugal has since welcomed important generations of artists, researchers and political leaders. Every year, it organizes dozens of events, in partnership with the Lindley Cintra Chair at the University of Paris Nanterre, the Portuguese Language and Culture Department at the University of Paris VIII Vincennes – Saint-Denis, the Camões – Portuguese Cultural Centre in Paris, as well as several Portuguese, French and international town halls and cultural institutions and associations. In its Vieira da Silva room, the Maison du Portugal houses the Gulbenkian Library, the largest collection of Portuguese-language works in France.