Paper “Pour un système de quantification de la complexité de réalisation pianistique. L’exemple de José Vianna da Motta”

Publication in the Canadian scientific musical journal of the Observatoire interdisciplinaire de création et recherche en musique of an article in which I propose a quantification system of the processes involved in the cognitive representation of the pianistic realization of musical passages. Through the example of José Vianna da Motta, I use this system to evaluate the intrinsic complexity of the different piano solutions of a same musical passage.

Read the paper here or download the pdf here.

Romantic music of a child prodigy

July 4th 2019, 18h00 – Au Médicis

5 Rue de Médicis
75006 Paris, France

José Vianna da Motta: Romantic music of a child prodigy

– Pensée Poétique, Rêverie op. 36 (12 years old)
– Three Songs without words, op. 51 (14 years old)
– O Acrobata, Fantasy op. 25 (10 years old)
– Volúvel, Waltz op. 19 (10 years old)
– Amor Filial, Waltz op. 16 (10 years old)
– As Férias, Waltz op. 14 (9 years old)
– Amizade, Mazurka w/op. (7 years old)
– Au bord du Lac de Pena, Pastorale op. 50 (13 years old)
– Elegy, op. 45 (13 years old)
– Polonaise, op. 37 (12 years old)
– Purificação, Polka op. 18 (10 years old)
– A Infância, Polka op. 24 (10 years old)
– Singela, Polka-mazurka op. 17 (10 years old)
– Les Inondations de Murcie, Scène caractéristique op. 28 (11 years old)